Elastic Steel Method of Athletic Conditioning

Elastic Steel Paul Zaichik
Elastic Steel Method of Athletic Conditioning is rated 4/5 by Vincent Belegaud
Written by Vincent Belegaud

Elastic Steel (http://www.elasticsteel.net) was born from a combination of disciplines: Yoga, Piliates, Dance, Gymnastic, Track & Field, a variety of Martial Art Style, and Exercise Science. It is founded by Paul Zaichik.

On the first glance, this method seems to be leaning towards the fighting art. Interestingly though, it has been used to a great degree of success by a wide variety of people. From losing weight to toning up the body, to high-level athletes, actors and also average joe recovering from injuries.

It is quite easy to find a program designed for flexibility, or a program for muscle toning & strengthening, but finding a program that combines both is another thing altogether – until you try the Elastic Steel method.

Paul Zaichik

The founder himself, Paul Zaichik, is very knowledgeable in his field and have an extremely flexible body. But what is more impressive is the fact that Zaichik have the ability to get his message across the screen with his approach. He have developed a plan to attain various splits and also the alternative for those who have injuries . He also explains the possible reasons of injuries and rehabilitation exercises for those injuries.

What is Elastic Steel?


If you were to do a quick research on the internet on Elastic Steel, you might be confused with the term ‘Elastic Steel’ itself. This is because one of their first products is a book called ‘Elastic Steel’, and later went on to release more products under the ‘Elastic Steel’ banner.  So some might refer to the ‘Elastic Steel’as the book, while others will refer to it as the brand or website (http://www.elasticsteel.net) itself.

Elastic Steel Approach

Elastic Steel focus on gaining strength and flexibilty not only out of the conventional movement, but also some other position and movement that might not seem obvious at first. To understand better, imagine when someone takes your arm and twist it behind your back, most people cannot bring the arms back. The simple reason is that the muscles were never trained to move, especially with force in that range. Muscles are first trained to be strong in the normal range of movement – and then to the extended length conditioning. Step by step, students of this method will gain mastery of their body in the unfamiliar domain of movement.

The goal of ElasticSteel method is to condition an athlete prior to stretching. The ElasticSteel techniques have been used by athletes to accelerate their strength, balance, speed and flexibility gain. ElasticSteel program is carefully designed also minimizes the occurrence of injury.

Elastic Steel Products

splits and flexibility
Splits & Flexibility

Elastic Steel products are mainly books, DVDs, seminars, and equipments. They started out with books but it has been quite a while since they have come out with any new ones. This is very much understandable as movement is easier to teach through videos. The DVDs are mainly on flexibility and core strength and its variant. As for martial art, they have DVDs programs for grappler and also for various martial arts kicks: side kick, hook kick, roundhouse kick and the front kick. Elastic steel also have just released a DVD specifically focusing on knee injury.

So what can you expect from Paul Zaichik and his Elastic Steel method?  Diligently tested method of exercise sequencing compiled through years of experience and the latest research in stretching physiology. And that is pretty impressive in any standards.